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Senior Project Manager

Date: 21-Mar-2023

Location: Farnborough, England, GB

Company: QinetiQ

The Technology Exploitation IDT is looking for a new Senior Project Manager to deliver projects that will mature our novel technolgy offerings through both internal and customer investment, maturing our offerings through concept to product.  This is an exciting and interesting role leading a highly motivated team and will involve the delivery of one or more HIGH VALUE (>£3M per annum) COMPLEX project(s).


Key Accountablilities


  • Development and maintenance of positive engagement with project customers, partners and suppliers. 
  • Operating in a Safe & Secure manner. 
  • Embedding a culture in line with the QinetiQ values. 
  • Delivery of the project outputs, to agreed baseline (customer satisfaction, time, cost, quality, cash and sales). 
  • Ensuring project members operate in line with the Operating Framework & functional competency management requirements; and have appropriate personal objectives recorded in the QinetiQ performance management system. 
  • Resolving conflicts (including prioritisation calls) within the project and collaborating across QinetiQ. 
  • Maintenance of forecasts (both financial and resource demand signal) for sales and delivery which reflects the up-to-date expectations for the work. 
  • Application of governance requirements (including lifecycle, project & independent reviews as appropriate) for foundation sales and delivery work. 
  • Reporting progress on all accountabilities to programme / portfolio manager (or their delegate). 
  • Ensuring correct entry of data onto SAP CRM relating to your opportunities, and maintain this data to reflect any changes in key inputs including: Order Value, Order Intake Scenario, (Low, Base, High, Excluded), Bid Due date, Closing Date, Sales Stage, Margin, Revenue Profile and up to date notes.


Key Capabilities/Knowledge


  • Leadership; being able to influence and align others towards the vision for the project, and to empower & inspire people to achieve success. 
  • Integrity; being open, honest and doing the right thing. Keeping promises, admitting when I don’t have the answer and when I have made a mistake. 
  • Communication; being able to effectively communicate as part of a two-way interaction, using a range of techniques, to ensure the received meaning matches the transmitted meaning. 
  • Stakeholder Management; being able to identify, plan and implement actions to positively engage parties with an interest in, or influence over, the project outputs. 
  • Teamwork; being able to create an environment where a group of people with diverse personalities, skills, experiences and perspectives are empowered to collaborate towards a common goal. 
  • Human Resource Management; supporting functional teams (including HR) to develop and manage our people in line with legal requirements and QinetiQ policy. 
  • Foundation Sales; being able to identify, qualify, develop and deliver solutions to your customers using an existing commercial framework contract (such as WSRF) and be able to articulate the benefits of the QinetiQ solution to the customer. 
  • Negotiation & Conflict Management; being able to identify and address differences of objective, attitude or perception in order to produce an agreed outcome for all parties.
  • Business Development; when required, work as a member of a capture team to generate delivery plans, risk registers and costings to support the creation of the proposal document.


Essential Experience & Qualifications


  • Demonstrable capability to International Project Management Association Level B. 
  • Experience gained, typically rather than necessarily, between 3-5 years of leading a business, projects, programmes, portfolios or P3 function and successfully delivering complex projects. 
  • Experience delivering projects to 3 different customers.