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    Sarah Aubrey-Bill

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Sarah Aubrey-Bill tells us what it's like to work as a Operations Administrator within Cloud Services 


Sarah Aubrey-Bill

Job title

Operations Administrator – Cloud Services

How long have you worked in your current role at QinetiQ?

One year

Where do you work? 

My base office is Malvern, it is a great location with the hills literally on the doorstep and from the on-site café you can watch people paragliding on the top! Amenities include a café/restaurant; gym; table tennis and plenty of outdoor space to relax, socialise or play sports if you’re that way inclined.

The site is located fairly centrally and is a short walk from the train station and local shops. It is easily commutable and has good transport links to the motorway.

What do you like most about your role?

As an Operations Administrator within Cloud Services, I am able to keep a breadth of cloud computing technologies and utilise services, predominantly within AWS on a regular basis. Tasks can be varied and fast paced, which means I’m always learning something new, developing my skill set and kept interested.

What has working within this role at QinetiQ taught you?

Before working at QinetiQ I had a tendency to shy away from tricky situations and complex technical challenges, but my current role has taught me to embrace challenges and reach out to others for support if needed. It has also taught me to question processes where I feel things can be improved and speak up if I have any concerns.

What have you achieved in your role so far?  

Within my role I have been given the opportunity and encouragement to develop my technical skills which has in turn, made the projects I support more efficient, reducing costs for the Customer and improving Customer engagement.  I have improved processes and applied security hardening across different cloud environments with positive outcomes.

Why would you recommend a career at QinetiQ?

I was interested in joining QinetiQ because I perceived them to be a leading technology company with a good reputation and over the past year this has indeed proved to be the case! On a daily basis I feel valued by my colleagues and customers alike, I am given clearly defined objectives and encouraged to develop in line with an achievable career path.

Most importantly for me I feel that QinetiQ live up to their values and behaviours, a quality I find integral in any employer.

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