Various roles for Embedded Software Engineer, FPGA Engineer, Software Engineer and Software Assurance


Software at QinetiQ

The QinetiQ Software Engineering discipline supports a broad range of our capabilities from designing submarines to cyber-security services and is at the forefront of developing innovative software solutions to meet the demanding requirements of our customers and partner organisations.

We are a group of professional software developers and engineers who work across the air, land, maritime and space domains of the business.  We use the latest software development technologies and techniques to develop innovative software solutions.  Our Software Engineering teams are looking to recruit proactive, passionate and innovative people who are looking to help improve the way we work today & shape the solutions of tomorrow.

Our Software Engineering teams are composed of a wide variety of people from graduates enrolled in the Early Careers programme through to our subject matter experts, software architects and technical leaders, and are drawn from a variety of STEM related backgrounds, with engineers, scientists and mathematicians represented amongst our ranks.

At QinetiQ, we develop a broad range of R&D, product and services projects from mission systems to simulation & training.  Software Engineering encompasses everything from engineering embedded, real-time systems to developing cloud-based software services.  We work in multidisciplinary teams to develop complex systems for cutting edge applications such as autonomous vehicles, high end cryptography and high precision satellite navigation.  We’re involved in some of most challenging, high profile science and technology programmes in the UK and overseas.

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