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Boscombe Down, UK

QinetiQ is growing – and it’s a great time to be here.

As we enter new markets around the world, we need talented people to join us in the UK. 

ETPS - world-leading training for flight test professionals

With an unrivalled 75 year heritage and state-of-the-art training facilities, ETPS provides world-leading training for flight test professionals.

Equipped with the specialist knowledge and flying skills required to run safe and effective military and civil flight test programmes, today’s students are reaping the benefits from our substantial investment in new facilities, flying assets and teaching system. A new syllabus also offers a comprehensive range of dedicated fixed wing and rotary aircraft courses. Delivered by highly experienced tutors who are recognised for their expertise globally, our modular courses for Test Pilots, Flight Test Engineers, Systems Test and Evaluator Aircrew cover experimental, development and systems testing.

In order to create ‘flying classrooms’ that meet both military and civil requirements, our new fleet of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft have all been extensively modified with the latest flight test instrumentation. ETPS students have gained priceless experience in a wide variety of aircrafts from our courses, which have been designed to inspire and equip flight test professionals with the skills, insight and know-how to meet future career challenges with both confidence and assurance.

First in flight test

As the world’s first test pilot school, ETPS has trained over 1500 students from no less than 32 different countries over the past 75 years. Building on our heritage as the premier school for military flight test professionals, we now also provide dedicated and fully accredited courses for civilian customers.

A school for the future

As the world’s first school dedicated to teaching test flying, all of us at ETPS are proud of our aviation heritage. Developing flying and engineering skills, practicing critical thinking and taking a broad perspective in order to distil and communicate useful findings are all important principles today as much as they were in 1943.

With no time to rest on our laurels, we remain absolutely focused on the future of test aircrew training, as demonstrated by our substantial investment in new capabilities and resources. With our state-of-the-art and systems-rich aircraft, our contemporary and comprehensive range of courses are delivered in a truly 21st century learning environment.

Students are provided with the very finest and most relevant test and evaluation training to meet the complex demands of modern developmental flight test programmes. We have also designed our courses and training delivery to maximise accessibility, continuity and resilience in all circumstances. 

Focus on professionalism 

Approximately 20 colleagues are responsible for the safe and effective operation of the ETPS.

Formed in 1943, ETPS was the world’s first school, established especially to train flight test professionals.

ETPS continues to train UK military and overseas student test pilots and flight test engineers. The School runs as part of the LTPA contract and is staffed by a mix of QinetiQ and military personnel, drawing on a number of other specialist capabilities.

The ETPS discipline comprises aircrew who are mainly test pilots, and who are divided into Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing groups according to their specialisation.

As well as supporting ETPS, the aircrew also support ATEC flight trials and evaluations, when required. 

We currently have a number of ETPS opportunities at our Boscombe Down site in the UK. If you’re interested in joining us, we’d love to hear from you. Here are our current vacancies:

Rotary Wing Flight Test Instructor / Test Pilot

Fixed Wing Flight Test Instructor / Test Pilot

Flight Test Engineer Instructor - Fixed Wing

Flight Test Engineer Instructor - Rotary Wing

Flight Dynamics and Performance Instructor

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