Frontend Developer- Naimuri ​

Date: 10 Sep 2023

Location: London, England, GB

Company: QinetiQ


About The Job

You will be joining a software delivery team which is already doing amazing work within the National Security , Intelligence and Law Enforcement sector.

Our teams are small (usually no larger than seven people) and you’ll join the team and work with them closely.


Our development teams are responsible for the following:


  • Designing, implementing, documenting, and maintaining software solutions.
  • Frontend development using Javascript technologies, such as, but not limited to, NodeJS, React, Redux, Express, eslint, Typescript, testing frameworks and tools (Jest / Mocha / Testing Library / Cypress), integrating AWS services and using a variety of different databases (MongoDb / ElasticSearch).
  • Working with our DevOps specialists to help manage and maintain their own infrastructure (using Kubernetes).
  • Building and adding to automated delivery pipelines (using GitLab).
  • Taking accountability for quality as a team, including pair programming and participating in code reviews.
  • Sharing knowledge and being open minded to solutions.
  • Staying up to date with the latest frontend technologies.


As a part of the frontend team you’ll develop new components, fix bugs and solve technical challenges rooted in UI and UX. You’ll have the freedom and autonomy to do your best work, with plenty of support along the way.


About You

We’re looking for someone particularly passionate about working with modern Javascript technologies to solve visual and customer facing problems. As a result we’d like candidates to have the ability to weigh up their opinions on:


  • Structural builds in React.
  • State management in tools like Redux.
  • Type safety in code.
  • Good practices e.g. comments, documentation, easy to read code, spotting smells etc.
  • Infrastructure and technology requirements.


A degree in a related field is useful but not required. A lot of technology used in our frontend projects still isn’t overly prevalent in universities but there are other ways to demonstrate your skills.


About Us

Our offices are in Media City and you can work from home. Most of the company works from the office and we still like to see you. We are lean, and we have a high ratio of ‘do-ers’. You need to be able work as part of a team and take ownership and deliver against your own tasks.


Our values, which have been set by our people (not the management) are Integrity, Accountability, Pride and Passion, Courage, Ambition and Initiative, Collaboration, and Caring. Everyone has a voice at Naimuri and we are always keen to hear yours. We continue to grow steadily, and are always looking at ways to improve how we share, operate, communicate and learn together. We really believe in helping grow the North West further to become a technical hub, specialising in security and intelligence.


Pay And Benefits

Naimuri pays competitively within the industry based on North West rates. The salary for this position is dependent upon your experience and is relative to our current people (who are great btw). It is vital to us that all our people are paid commensurate, to ensure everyone feels valued. We assess seniority relative to the team at Naimuri during the interviewing process.


We expect you to work 37.5 hours per week, and you have flexibility over when you give that time. Our office hours are between 7:30 and 18:30 Monday to Friday. We don’t want you working excessive hours, that is simply not sustainable. You choose if you want to start late and spend breakfast with the family. Be ready for work by allowing yourself the time to get your life sorted however you see fit. And you will get health insurance, pension, plus access to our Bike2Work scheme.


How To Apply

We invest a lot of time and effort into the recruitment process as the quality of who we hire determines the future of our company. We’re giving you our full attention.


We will respond to your initial application within two working days. A dedicated team will review your application and you’ll hear from us within five working days as to whether you’ve advanced to the telephone interview stage. Following the telephone interview, we will send you a technical challenge to assist our teams during the technical interview. Our interviews are one hour, in our office or on Google Meet. These sessions will be with your future colleagues. As well as technical questions we will also interview against our company values.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Why Join Naimuri - A QinetiQ Company?

At Naimuri, we solve complex problems within cyber security & data, utilising software to make the UK a safer place. We're constantly exploring new ways of working - helping our customers become more insightful, effective, collaborative & secure. Many organisations claim to be Agile, but we think, live and breathe it instinctively. We've gained a reputation for speed and effectiveness, delivering within days what others can take months to achieve. 


You'll experience a unique working environment where teams from different disciplines enjoy collaborating widely and openly. Through effective teamwork, and pulling together, you'll get to experience what happens when we all share different perspectives, blend disciplines, and link technologies; constantly discovering new ways of solving complex problems in a diverse and inclusive environment where you can be authentic, feel valued and realise your full potential. 


Ultimately for us,  it's about getting the best people, retaining them, nurturing a creative environment & helping to find a way to innovate. 


About QinetiQ
As a company of over 6,000 dedicated professionals, we are a world-centre of excellence in research and development and act as a catalyst for fast-track innovation, offering outstanding experimentation facilities, and technical, engineering and scientific expertise. QinetiQ is made up of dedicated experts in defence, aerospace, security and related markets, all working together to explore new ways of protecting what matters most. Being part of QinetiQ means being central to the safety and security of the world around us. Partnering with our customers, we help to save lives; reduce risks to society; and maintain the global infrastructure on which we all depend. Come and find out how you can play a role.

Please note that many roles in QinetiQ are subject to national security vetting. Applicants that already hold the appropriate level of vetting may be able to transfer it upon appointment, subject to approval. A number of roles are also subject to restrictions on access to information that mean factors such as nationality, previous nationalities held and the country in which you were born may have an effect on the roles that you can be employed in. To check that you are eligible, please read this link: Vetting explained - GOV.UK (